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The Parish Council is a Burial Authority and has direct responsibility for the operation and maintenance of Hartshill Cemetery under the published Rules & Regulations of Hartshill CemeteryMemorial Safety Policy and Memorial Benches Policy.

The Parish Council holds corporate membership of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) and the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM).

Fixing of new memorials and the re-fixing of memorials that have failed the safety test can only be carried out by Stone Masons that have been approved by the Council. A list of approved masons is available from the Parish Council.

You are advised to obtain estimates for any re-fixing works as prices do vary. The Parish Council does not benefit financially from the Memorial Safety Programme nor has any influence or control with regard to costs of re-fixing charged by stone masons. The Parish Council will not be liable for repairing fallen or damaged memorials, nor for any damage to or loss of any memorial howsoever caused whether from theft, vandalism or third party negligence or anything beyond its reasonable control. Grave owners are strongly advised to obtain insurance for their memorials. 

The Parish Council will remove anything which has been erected or placed on a grave or within the Cemetery outlined in the Rules & Regulations adopted 2020. Animal feeders of any kind are not permitted within the Cemetery,

If you would like further information or still need to update your contact details please use our contact form.

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Following guidance to all Burial Authorities from the Ministry of Justice memorial tests will now consist of a hand-test only, which is simply where an officer will test the durability and movement of the memorials in accordance with the new guide-lines.

Hartshill Parish Council has a duty of care to public safety in the cemetery. If any memorial is unstable and does not meet the Health & Safety Executives current safety standard, the Council will temporarily make safe the memorial by use of a wooden post placed at the rear of the memorial. This post will be banded to secure the memorial. A visible notice will be placed on the memorial advising families to contact the Cemetery Manager for further advice.

It is the responsibility of the memorial owner to ensure that any unstable memorial is made safe. Re-fixing of memorials that have failed the safety test can only be carried out by qualified Stone Masons. Unofficial re-fixing is not permitted. A list of masons approved to work in Hartshill Cemetery is available by contacting the cemetery manager.

You are advised to obtain written estimates for any re-fixing work.

If you would like further information or need to update your contact details  please use our contact form.

Planning Application PAP/2012/0533
Proposed Development of cemetery extension on adjoining scrub land to existing cemetery

Cemetery Development Services have submitted a planning application on behalf of Hartshill Parish Council for the development of a cemetery extension on adjoining scrubland to the existing cemetery. The proposed extension of the scrubland will provide much needed space for future burials.

The application documents can be viewed on the website of North Warwickshire Borough Council at www.northwarks.gov.uk

You can assist with our Spring/Summer maintenance programme by removing spent Christmas wreaths by 1st March each year. Any wreaths remaining after this date will be disposed of.