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Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Thank you for voting YES in the Referendum, this means the Parish Council can and will continue to work with  Borough and County Councils and any developers to promote the best out comes for our village

More than half of those voting at the Referendum on the Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan, voted in favour;
Number of votes cast in favour of a YES 453 Percentage 86.9%
Number of votes cast in favour of a NO 67 Percentage 12.9%
Electorate 2770
Ballot Papers Issued 521
Turnout 18.8%
The Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan will now be adopted by North Warwickshire Borough Council 


Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan

Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to an Independent Examiner and a report produced, suggesting changes to the plan in order for it to meet the basic conditions. The suggested changes have now been made and the Plan will now go to Referendum on Thursday 16th  February 2017. The referendum will be held in the Parish of Hartshill at Hartshill Community Centre, Church Road, Hartshill, CV10 0LY and Drayton Court Community Room, Drayton Court, The Green, Hartshill CV10 0SL.

Documents relating to the Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan;

Arrangements for the Referendum
Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version)
Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan Compliance Statement
Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan (Notice of Referendum)
Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Information Statement
Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan
Hartshill Basic Conditions Statement
Hartshill Consultation Statement
Hartshill Environmental Statement
Inspectors Report
Hartshill Parish Council Notification
Hartshill Parish Council Formal Designation Letter
Approved Designation Area (Plan) Hartshill

Eligibility to vote in the forthcoming Referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan

The Referendum Area is identical to the area designated as the Hartshill Neighbourhood Area.

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum is undertaken in the same way as any local election and therefore must be carried out in accordance with the relevant Election Rules. The rules governing the Referendum process are set out in the Neighbourhood Planning (Referendum) Regulations 2012.

This includes the Notice of Referendum, Poll Cards, Postal Voting, Proxy Voting, Notice of Poll, Polling Stations and a Count and are all dealt with by North Warwickshire Borough Council in the same manner as any election in the Borough.

A person is entitled to vote on 16th February 2017
If he or she is entitled to vote in a local government election in the Referendum Area; and
his or her qualifying address is, in relation to a person registered in the Register of Electors, the address in respect of which he or she is entitled to be registered

Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations